Lost Moon

Jim Lovell

Lost Moon is a non-fiction book by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. Published in 1994 the book is about Lovell’s experiences during the Apollo 13 mission. Director Ron Howard based the film Apollo 13 off of the book.

The book is a combination of autobiography about Lovell’s life before Apollo 13 mixed in with the actual mission. It covers his early childhood fascination with rockets up to his joining the Navy and later the Naval Academy. It goes on through his career including when he first failed the test to be one of the original astronauts thanks to his bilirubin being “a little high.” The book centers around Lovell and his family’s experience during the Apollo 13 mission. The scenes involving his wife Marylin and children in the film are taken straight from the book. The Apollo 13 film closely mirrors much of Lovell’s description of the events with some differences discussed further in the film section of the site.

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